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Salsa Syllabus

The following course descriptions should help you to know which course to take and what to expect. If you have any questions just give us a call or email us.

Beginner Salsa

In Beginners salsa we bring you to a level where you know enough to enjoy a dance socially. One of our main aims is for you to have a good feel for the timing. Dance to the music!!! Another important aspect is the leading and following. In the beginner course you will learn the basic forward and back, side basic, behind basic, and some simple turns (e.g. forward turn). You will also be introduced to the Cross Body Lead step which is an important building block for later moves.

Intermediate Salsa

Now you’re moving beyond the basic moves and putting together your own combinations, of exciting stylish moves to make you popular on the dance floor. We have two intermediate levels. Intermediate 1 consolidates what you have learnt in beginners and moves on to various cross body turn patterns and other moves, many of which are building blocks for later more complex moves. Intermediate 2 continues with further turn patterns and some longer combinations. Style and technique are very important in these levels, in order to build a good foundation, so we include a lot of subtle tips which. The actual moves we teach are not an end in themselves. They are more of a vehicle for teaching you the techniques and building blocks for you to become a creative and spontaneous dancer yourself. For this reason and for the sake of variety we often vary the actual moves taught in a particular course.

Advanced Salsa

Amaze your fellow salsa dancers with these exciting, complex, flashy moves from around the world plus some amazing moves of our own. Learn advanced styling tips and techniques from some of Australia’s best. Please note that this level is not simply a 6 week course but is ongoing. We have so many moves, tips and information that you could continue coming as long as you like and still keep learning. Our instructors are also continually learning and updating their own dancing skills which means that we are continually bringing fresh new content to the classes.


We include a number of shines throughout the courses, particularly in the warmups for intermediate and advanced. What are shines? Shines are steps you can do on your own, to spice up your dancing - without holding your partner. Primarily footwork-based these steps are often used by advanced salsa dancers both socially and when performing. Some of them (e.g. Suzi-Q) are building blocks for partner moves.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and please give us your feedback, preferably via email or phone.



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