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Here are some frequently asked questions

Q: What is Salsa?

A: Salsa is an exciting, rythmic and sensual Latin american dance, commonly found in Latin nightclubs around the world including Sydney. Danced as a couple, Salsa is almost a way of life for many people, who can't get enough of it's intoxicating rhythms, style, interaction, music etc. Salsa is the most popular form of what is becoming known as "Street Latin" dancing. This term distinguishes it from the Latin dancing found in ballroom dance schools. Street Latin dance tends to be more free and also more up-to-date with what the Latin world is actually doing!

Q: What is Rueda?

A: A dynamic group dance, based on Salsa, where couples form a circle and execute moves and turn patterns in response to a caller. Originating in Cuba, Rueda is incredibly fun as well as an excellent way to improve your Salsa. We have well over 100 exciting moves in our Rueda, many of which can be danced as a couple.

Q: Do I need to bring a partner?

A: No, most students just come along and we tend to swap around a lot. Also, Salsa is a very social dance where most people don't only ever dance with their partner.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Just wear something comfortable to the class. The floor can get a bit slippery so it's good to wear shoes with a little bit of grip.

Q: How long does it take to learn?

A: How long is a piece of string? This varies a lot from person to person. It depends on past dance experience as well as natural talent. Having a good sense of rhythm certainly helps, but most of all putting in the practice time and having fun are the keys to learning fast. It's possible after one lesson to do the basic step with a partner but it normally takes a month or two for students to get the confidence to try out their steps at a Latin nightclub. It often takes even longer to develop a natural style. This question also depends on how much you want to learn. Some people are happy to learn just enough to have a fun dance with someone at a club. Others want to compete or perform in shows. Some of us have been dancing for many years and we're still improving.

Q: How much does it cost, and Where and When?

A: See our Classes page for details

Q: Where can I go out and dance Salsa?

A: There a a number of night clubs and events around Sydney where you can dance Salsa and Tango. Our What's On page has some details.

Q: How can I support Ruedisima or Tango and Salsa in Sydney?

A: You can help us by coming to our classes, telling your friends about us, or even asking us about sponsoring us with approved advertising on our site. Phone for more info. Most of all, please give us feedback on what you like or what you would like to see in our classes etc.

What to Wear

We receive a lot of enquiries from ladies regarding the type of clothing and shoes they should wear to classes. Here are our suggestions:
Dress: Casually and comfortably. Pants, skirts, jeans, and dresses are okay. Try to avoid tight fitting skirts and dresses that may restrict your ability to move and dance freely
Shoes: Try to avoid rubber soled shoes, including sneakers which provide too much adhesion to accomplish smooth turns. Also avoid sandals or thongs which do not contain an ankle strap. A small to medium heeled shoe is suggested. For those who are more serious about their dancing, Jazz sneakers which contain a flat turning circle on the sole are good and can be purchased from Bloch Dancewear. Ballroom and Latin shoes which can be purchased at Bloch or at a variety of dancewear specialists in Sydney (ask us) are also suggested.

Clothing: Comfortable pants and t-shirt, but the most important thing is to have a shower just before the class starts or make sure that you are smelling nice ;)
Shoes: You will find later that a good pair of shoes will make a difference to the way you dance, specially if you have to do spins and lead in some slippery floors. The recommended shoes are suede soled or special Jazz sneakers which contain a flat turning circle on the sole are good and can be purchased from Bloch Dancewear.


Hola Mauricio, just wanted to let you know that everyone is really enjoying your classes and I have no doubt they will grow to be even more glorious. You really are an excellent teacher, Thankyou, Heidi (Thu 7/09/2006)

Hello, I've just started with Salsa for beginners (St Barnabas church hall) and absolutely love it. Thanks Natasha Deters (21st April 2005)

Sydney 07/22/02 11:34:05 PM
i love the classes and i think the teachers are excellent and have taught me alot in the last 2 months thankyou.

Being a perfectionist Aquarian, I undertook a small survey of available Salsa classes for beginners. I have now attended three different venues. If you really want to learn Salsa seriously rather than just socially, Ruedisima is the place! Maurizio, partnered by Elizabeth are not only inspirational in the way they salsa, but are also excellent teachers. They have the rare ability to really communicate the true spirit of salsa rhythm and the steps which enable you to express it. The same applies to Matthew and the captivatingly vivacious Rita, who take the advanced classes. Having seen Rita and partner, in "social mode", I was literally spellbound by their combination of grace, agility, sensuality and creativity. I was hooked!My aim now, is to have as many lessons as possible at Ruedisima honing my dancing skills, so as not to injure too many members of the opposite sex, who so generously offer me the opportunity to practice with them.
There is only one minus regarding Ruedisima. Not enough classes. I am now so obsessed with salsa, I would like this calibre of lesson at least four times a week. How about the occasional day time (lunch time?) class. Weekend, afternoon class? Or more evening classes? So long as my hips hold out, I'm all for more, more!!
Thank you to you all and very best wishes from your truly ardent fan, Felicity.12 Oct 2001
P.S. See you next Monday.

The rueda and salsa classes at Ruedisima are fantastic. Apart from their excellent teaching skills, Mauricio, Matthew, Rita and Sally are great dancers who concentrate on moves as well as styling. It's great that they combine different styles including Cuban and New York salsa. They really make the dancing a relaxing and fun experience and they are great people too! Caitlin and Rinske, May 2001

What I like about Ruedisima salsa classes: - ... lots of individual attention. Good teachers, with attention to detail in leading and style. Classes are graded in 4 levels which makes it much easier to learn at a level appropriate to you and to progress when you are ready. Lots of room for those of us who aren't beginners or advanced but somewhere in between. (Sometimes) revision of steps learned the previous week, which helps consolidate what you've learned. Tanya, May 2001

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